How Big is Our God? – Pastor Tom Feola

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Pastor Tom delivers a powerful message to help us prepare for the New Year. You’ll discover when you use the talents God has given, He will use it to bless others abundantly. Make 2013 the best year yet through Jesus Christ.  …


What the Christmas Story Means to Us Part V – Pastor Tom Feola

This week we look at God’s chosen vessel to bring the Savior into the world – Mary. Gabriel’s amazing announcement (Lk. 1:26-33) shook her world and changed history forever. She received this word not knowing all the ramifications; only knowing it would require sacrifice and simple faith. Mary said yes, and God performed a miracle that…


What the Christmas Story Means to Us Part IV – Pastor Tom Feola

Joseph is an often overlooked character in the Christmas story. He was an ordinary guy, an “every man,” yet honorable and obedient to the supernatural leadings of God. He was chosen to shape the life of the incarnate Son of God. What an extraordinary calling! What an awesome responsibility! Hear pastor Tom share lessons from…


What the Christmas Story Means to Us Part III – Pastor Tom Feola

Many people have tried to stop or get rid of the “Christ” in Christmas. King Herod was one – he was not willing to give up his standing as “the King of the Jews” for the real King!  But the Messiah, the Savior was born – He is the reason for the celebration!  He is the King of…


What the Christmas Story Means to Us Part II – Pastor Tom Feola

This week’s message shines a light on the wise men (Magi) from the East who followed the star to the Christ child. Although these men were likely heathen and stargazers, God reaches out to them with a sign of the coming of the King of kings. Pastor Tom shares several different attitudes possessed by the…


What the Christmas Story Means to Us – Pastor Tom Feola

Building off the Christmas skit, “Audition,” which will be performed over the next several weeks, Pastor Tom spoke of the angel’s message to the shepherds on the night of Jesus birth (Lk.2:8-12). These glad tidings of the Savior’s arrival is still the best news the world will ever hear. We have all become God’s messengers….


The Bible Part III – Pastor Tom Feola

The life of King Josiah and his reverential attitude towards the Word of God is contrasted with his wicked son, King Jehoiakin (Jer.36), who destroyed the book of the Law and was judged severely. Pastor Tom shares eight blessings of a healthy attitude towards the Bible and reading it every day.   Watch Pastor’s message…


The Bible Part II – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom continues his powerful series on the preeminence of Holy Bible taken from 2 Kings 22. King Josiah leads a revival in Jerusalem and Judah centered around the rediscovery of the Book of the Law. The Lord spares Josiah from impending judgement because of his attitude towards God’s Word. Listen to how his story…


The Bible – Pastor Tom Feola

Every word of scripture is God breathed (inspired), alive and active today. Pastor Tom begins a series on the preeminence of the Word of God, the Holy Bible, in our lives. The value we give to His words is the place He holds in our daily life. Join us again this Sunday as we magnify…


Attitudes to Be Part IV – Pastor Tom Feola

This Sunday Pastor Tom spoke about the attitude of the peacemaker (Mt. 5:9). These people are good finders and can change an environment in a room by their very presence. The next “be-attitude” is endurance (Mt.5:10): those who are persecuted, yet remain committed to Jesus. Their reward is the Kingdom of God. The last beatitude…