Christian Faith Fellowship Church was born on July 4, 1993 in the home of Pastor Tom & Diane Feola. The service was attended by 17 people. They used their family room for the adult service and their son’s bedroom for the children’s ministry.

One month later, the church moved to the Sparta Ambulance Center and started meeting in the downstairs portion of the building. The services continued to grow, and it was soon necessary to use both the upstairs for the adults and the downstairs for the children’s ministry.

About one year later, Abe VanWingerden rented the original small building at 3188 Route 94 to the church. The church continued using the upstairs for the adults and the downstairs for the children’s ministry. This continued for about one year. At that point, the church purchased the building from Abe and Ruth.

The church continued to worship in that building but was running out of room and already at 4 weekly services. So began the first building project. In 2001, the church expanded to the new sanctuary. The teens worshiped in the old sanctuary and the children’s ministry moved into a brand new children’s wing under the new sanctuary. The church soon outgrew its newest facility and was in need of another building.

In 2007, the church began the construction of its newest sanctuary and children’s ministry. The new facility was to seat 1,000 people and provide 75,000 square feet of space for the children’s ministry.

The project was completed in 2008, with the first service being Christmas Eve 2008. It was an awesome celebration of the amazing things God is doing here in Sussex County.