Certainty In An Uncertain World – Pastor Tom Feola

We live in a world of such calamity and uncertainties but God is in control and when all of this is going on around us, we can stay in His peace. Real peace is not always the calm. Real peace is the presence of God in the storm.


I Am – Part 6

The resurrection is not an event. It is a person. It’s not just what Jesus did. It’s who Jesus is. Jesus is the life and resurrection; and that life and resurrection will never let us down.


I’m Sorry – Pastor Tom Feola

The lack of an apology is always harmful. Marriages are hurt. Businesses are wrecked. Leadership is weakened. All because someone, or more than one, wouldn’t say these two powerful words: “I’m sorry”.


Selfless Life – Pastor Diane Feola

Our children, family, friends, neighbors need us. There’s a hurting world and you have the answers they need. The happiest life, the most fulfilled life is an unselfish life.