Good Friday

God didn’t want a relationship with us that would always remember our sins. He wanted a complete reconciliation with us. He wanted that throughout all eternity, there would never even be a mention of our sins. The way He did this, was to make Jesus sin for us and take our sins away.


From the Cross to the Throne

Jesus had to go to the cross. What Jesus did with His life from birth to the way He died and rose was to fulfill scripture. Jesus’ death on the cross was the eternal plan of God that He might be the spotless lamb of God to deal with our sins.


I Am – Part 2

The resurrection is not an event. It is a person. It’s not just what Jesus did. It’s who Jesus is. Jesus is the life and resurrection; and that life and resurrection will never let us down.


Faith Says Something

Faith is not something that we can hope to have or grow. Faith is the one thing that God has given to each of us, and He expects each of us to use it.