Be Not Weary – Part 1

We all seem to have those seasons in our lives where weariness, discouragement, anxiety and even depression, seem to come in like waves and try to pull us down. As we journey together, through God’s Word, we’re going to see that we’re not the only ones who have rough times and we can overcome just…


The Feast – Part 4

All over the world, Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish new year – was just celebrated. The Jewish people observe 7 feasts. As we study these feasts, we’ll see how they all talk about Jesus.


Why Church?

In today’s world, Sunday has become like any other day of the week. Many are asking, why do I need to get myself together on this day and get the kids ready when everyone else is just sleeping in? Why is it so important to have a day or two that you set aside for…


Greatest of These

The greatest call in a person’s life is to love and forgive, which is a full work of the Holy Spirit.