Faith & Patience

Faith is not something that we can hope to have or grow. Faith is the one thing that God has given to each of us, and He expects each of us to use it.


How to Restore Your Relationship

The closer you get to God, the closer you will get in your relationships. Check out how to have restoration in your relationship.


Teen Takeover: Tunnel Vision

Our brains can only focus on one things at a time. Because of this, we often experience tunnel vision – where we exclusively focus on a single goal or point. Whatever we focus on is what becomes magnified in our lives.


Detox – Part 3

When we allow poison in our hearts it travels throughout our body and affects our entire body. Even after we’ve accepted Jesus, our soul still has all the toxins from our past. Just as we detox our physical bodies, it’s important for us to also detox our souls.