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How to Survive a Bad Day: Part 1 – Pastor Tom Feola

Many times we feel like we’re having bad days, or weeks or even months. We wonder what am we’re doing wrong or think we’ve sinned and displeased God. Disappointments, frustrations, closed doors, and difficulties happen to all of us. When we try to make sense of these constant struggles, it can be discouraging. We need to see…


Be Prepared & Protected – Rev. Bob Meeker

We are all waging war – in one way or another. The beautiful thing is, as we rest and rely on God, we can be prepared and protected regardless of what is coming against us.


I’m Brand New – Pastor Tom Feola

We all have issues we face and deal with every day, but thankfully, we know who we are in Christ. This month, we are going to use that identity to tackle some pretty big issues. We’re going to see that with Jesus, we really are brand new.


The Rapture – Pastor Tom Feola

Many are beginning to question if we’re in the end times. And if we are, how should we be living? Jesus gives us some amazing insight on how to endure this season.