Agape Love – Pastor Joe McKelvey

So many times we come to Jesus with the revelation that only His grace & love could save us. However, it’s too often we fall back into our old ways of thinking that we can earn the love of God or have to work for it. Pastor Joe reminds us of the unfailing love of…


The 3 Covenants – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom expounds on three covenants found in the Bible: Abrahamic, Mosaic, and the New Covenant established through Jesus Christ. Listen and learn the difference between the three and how much better the covenant we live under today because of Christ.  


Because of the Resurrection – Pastor Tom Feola

What does the resurrection of Jesus mean to us today? Pastor Tom expounds on some of the blessings that come to us through our risen Lord. You don’t want to miss this power packed service. Listen now.  


God’s Plan – Pastor Tom Feola

We don’t always see the plan of God and so we think that our plan is better. Peter didn’t realize what Jesus had to suffer in order to fulfill His real purpose, so he tried to take things into his own hands. Jesus came to be offered as the perfect Lamb, sacrificed for our sins. Jesus came on…