Membership 101 – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom delivered a foundational message to the CFFC family concerning our church DNA and destination. We want to encourage you to commit to our family as members and connect to the ministry God has for you. We are citizens of God’s Kingdom and members, in particular, of the Church Jesus is building. CFFC is…


Covered Up – Pastor Tom Feola

In a world that is in a downward spiral in so many ways, it is possible for those who put their trust in God to be “covered up” in Christ. We remain in this earth to exercise God’s authority on behalf of others: to turn people from darkness to light and from the power of…


Let Go and Let God – Pastor Tom Feola

Why do bad things happen? Life happens… to everyone. Pastor Tom shows us a righteous response to a very bad situation from the life of David (1 Sam. 30). We learn how to let go and let God take control. He will bring you out of trouble. Hear more now…  


Give Blame Where Blame Belongs – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom shares about knowing your enemy, understanding how he operates  and how to deal with him. The devil is a defeated adversary who only has power to deceive. Knowing this gives us faith to stand against the wiles of the devil and win every time because of what Jesus has done.