David, A Man After God’s Heart – Pastor Tom Feola

King David, known as a man after God’s heart, was also flawed. He needed a Savior. In spite of his failures, God uses this man to speak astounding prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. Listen to this powerful story of God’s mercy and grace.  


The Child of Promise – Pastor Tom Feola

God proves His covenant with His friend, Abram, by asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac who he loves. Abram passes the test which foreshadows God’s provision of the ultimate sacrifice for man – His Son Jesus Christ.  


One Gave Thanks – Pastor Tom Feola

Ten lepers came to Jesus and were cleansed. One returned to give Him thanks. Today we heard how an attitude of gratitude glorifies God. WOW… we have so many things to be thankful for because of Jesus. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day for the rest of your life.