Secure in Him – Pastor Diane Feola

Everyone seeks safety in relationship. Our Father God has provided ultimately security in His relationship with us. This security comes through the revelation of His goodness and love. Pastor Diane shares the importance of opening our hearts to God’s love to experience safety and security we need.   Check out Sunday’s message!  


The Benefits of Communion – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom shows us the meaning of Communion, and how we shouldn’t get “religious” about partaking but need to keep it fresh and alive!  What is the purpose of Communion?  It is to remember that Jesus’ body was broken for our physical healing and His blood was shed for the forgiveness of all of our…


Easter Sunday – Pastor Tom Feola

From John 20 Pastor Tom reviews the first encounters at the empty tomb on Resurrection morning. Mary Magdalene, first, sees the stone rolled away. Afterwards Peter and John witness the empty grave cloths in the tomb and believe. Each signifies that the crucified Jesus is now the risen Lord. He is risen indeed!   Watch…


Family Service

Family Worship Service together was amazing! LIFE Children’s ministry, our youth, the praise and worship team all brought the Word in a powerful way. Pastor Tom capped it all off with a word about the meaning of Christ’s cross: God placed all of our sin and guilt on Jesus, and imparted His goodness, and life…