Friendship with God – Pastor Tom Feola

What am I going to do with my life? What legacy shall I leave? How will I use my talents? These are questions one asks who is living a life for God. Pastor Tom continues a series on Christian stewardship. Listen now…  


Ready, Set, Go. – Pastor Tom Feola

Stewardship is about making good decisions in our life. Prosperity comes to those chose wisely. Pastor Tom makes the case for choosing life and all the things that matter for eternity.  


2014 – The Year of God’s Abundant Overflow

2014 is a year of God’s abundant overflow… for CFFC and for you personally. Pastor Tom shares some of the wonderful victories we experienced as a church last year and sets us up for greater things this new year. Be expecting abundant life as you walk with Jesus.    


We Are Well Able – Pastor Diane Feola

We are positioning ourself for the New Year by choosing to believe God. Like the two spies who looked to God’s promise (Nm.13) rather the the giants and David who conquered the giant (1 Sm.17) by trusting in God, we are well able to overcome every obstacle in our way through Him Who loves us….