Guest Speaker – Pastor Jim Petrow

Special guest speaker, Pastor Jim Petrow, delivers an instructive and stirring message on living victoriously during the storms of life. Though we may be tempted to question why and abandon our faith in God during the hard times, He does not change – His faithfulness is constant and He will bring you through. Don’t miss…


True Freedom in Christ – Pastor Tom Feola

On this Fourth of July week we are reminded of the value of freedom. Pastor Tom tells us the greatest liberty comes through Jesus Christ (Gal. 5:1). There is freedom for the Christian from every work of the devil and all religious bondage. Discover your real freedom in Christ now.  


Abiding in the Vine Part III – Pastor Tom Feola

Within every believer in Christ are the seeds of God’s nature (Gal.5:22). Those seeds develop into fruit as we abide in Him. Hanging out with Jesus is how we abide. It’s that simple. Listen to more now…  


A Father’s Heavenly Duty – Pastor Tom Feola

As fathers, it is our responsibility to bring up children who are a blessing to our society and also to the Christian faith. Pastor Tom shares what God expects for fathers. We’re not fathers because we bring children into the world, but we are fathers when we take our place as a God fearing believer,…