Super (Natural) Mom – Pastor Diane Feola

Pastor Diane speaks to us on supernatural motherhood. It takes powers beyond our resources to raise children. Diane shares the deposits to make into our kids that prepare them for life and, most importantly, a relationship with God. Thank you, “Super Moms,” for all you do!  


The Forgotten One – Pastor Tom Feola

Leading up to Pentecost, Pastor Tom begins a series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. As very God, the Spirit possesses all the attributes of God. He wants to walk in close communion with you as a constant companion and guide. Get acquainted with the blessed Holy Spirit in the coming weeks…


The Bible Reveals Life – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor concludes a series about the awesome character of the Bible. God’s Word is supreme – containing the highest expression of truth. It also offers us the most complete picture of life – interpreting world events, personal circumstances – placing them in context of God’s great plan and purpose. Listen now…  


Each One, Reach One – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom expounds on the characteristics of God’s Word beginning at Isa.55:11. The Word is inspired, an incorruptible seed, a living and life giving entity, and it’s available to each one of us every day. Hear more…   Watch Pastor’s message from Sunday!