Don’t Live in Fear – Pastor Tom Feola

Jesus came to give salvation and abundant life to all who receive it. Fear and worry are not part of that package. Fear is not the will of God! We are empowered by God to resist it. This week learn how to live a fearless life through Jesus Christ.    


The Origin of Fear – Pastor Tom Feola

Where does fear come from? How did it enter the world? When we understand the origin of fear we will see God never intended for mankind to know fear. It is a byproduct of sin and the Fall. Learn how to defeat fear in your life.    


Breaking the Fear Barrier – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom begins a new series today on breaking fear barriers in our life. We are destined to live as over-comers through Christ. When we push through the pressures and fears that oppose us, we find victory on the other side. This is a powerful, liberating word you need to hear.


Covered Up Part III – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom continues the series on “Covered Up.” In Ephesians 6 the Bible tells us to put on and cover up with the armor of God. Listen and understand what each piece of the armor means to us and how to use every one.   Watch Pastor’s message below!