Covered Up Part II – Pastor Tom Feola

We are ambassadors for God’s kingdom.  When we became born-again we declared our citizenship in God’s kingdom and renounced our citizenship in the kingdom of darkness.  Now we have the right to wear the armor of God and defend His kingdom against the enemy. We should put our spiritual armor on and keep it on.  


End Times Conference – Rev. Bob Yandian

Many people are asking how world events today fit into God’s master plan. How does Bible prophecy relate to what we see and hear in the news each day? Are these the signs of Jesus coming and the end of time? Rev. Bob Yandian answers these questions and more from the scriptures during this powerful…


Membership 101 – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom delivered a foundational message to the CFFC family concerning our church DNA and destination. We want to encourage you to commit to our family as members and connect to the ministry God has for you. We are citizens of God’s Kingdom and members, in particular, of the Church Jesus is building. CFFC is…


Covered Up – Pastor Tom Feola

In a world that is in a downward spiral in so many ways, it is possible for those who put their trust in God to be “covered up” in Christ. We remain in this earth to exercise God’s authority on behalf of others: to turn people from darkness to light and from the power of…