Let Go and Let God – Pastor Tom Feola

Why do bad things happen? Life happens… to everyone. Pastor Tom shows us a righteous response to a very bad situation from the life of David (1 Sam. 30). We learn how to let go and let God take control. He will bring you out of trouble. Hear more now…  


Give Blame Where Blame Belongs – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom shares about knowing your enemy, understanding how he operates  and how to deal with him. The devil is a defeated adversary who only has power to deceive. Knowing this gives us faith to stand against the wiles of the devil and win every time because of what Jesus has done.  


What’s Up God? – Pastor Tom Feola

What’s up God? Many have questions about the circumstances they find themselves in. We have all wondered at times where God is in the middle of the storm. All of us have asked the question, “What’s up God?” Listen to how He answers this question to preserve us for His eternal Kingdom. We will reap…


How to Turn a Hopeless Situation Around – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom continues to share with us on hope, showing how to overcome hopeless situations. There is always a way of escape God has made out of every tight spot. Hear how God delivered His people from (2 Chronicles 20) hopelessness, fear and despair. Know what He did for Israel, He will do for you….