Easter Sunday – Pastor Tom Feola

From John 20 Pastor Tom reviews the first encounters at the empty tomb on Resurrection morning. Mary Magdalene, first, sees the stone rolled away. Afterwards Peter and John witness the empty grave cloths in the tomb and believe. Each signifies that the crucified Jesus is now the risen Lord. He is risen indeed!   Watch…


Family Service

Family Worship Service together was amazing! LIFE Children’s ministry, our youth, the praise and worship team all brought the Word in a powerful way. Pastor Tom capped it all off with a word about the meaning of Christ’s cross: God placed all of our sin and guilt on Jesus, and imparted His goodness, and life…


The Bible Part III – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom makes a clear distinction between life as a Christian and life as an unbeliever. The person who obeys the words of God prospers, while for anyone who chooses to turn from the truth, the journey is hard and the path leads to destruction. The Bible, God’s blueprint for life, makes all the difference….


The Bible Part II – Pastor Tom Feola

Covenant is a word that unlocks the Old and New Testament. It was the basis of faith patriarchs like Abrm stood upon to release God’s promises in their life. This faith is seen clearly in Abraham’s willingness to offer his son, Isaac, (Gn.22) believing God would raise him up. This week Pastor Tom shares characteristics…