Hope: The Anchor of Our Soul – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom shares on hope as our anchor in life. This hope is accented in the life of Elijah, who experienced a great victory on Mt. Carmel over the prophets of Baal only to shrink away in fear and depression the next day. God comes on the scene to renew his hope. Hear more…  …


Family Worship Service – Pastor Tom Feola

Today was a total blast! Family worship service was amazing. Our LIFE Children’s ministry brought it with noise, fun and LIGHTS galore. The teens and young adults, fresh off a missions trip to Jamaica shared awesome testimonies of changed lives and led us in worship. You won’t want to miss this service.    


What Ever Happened to Hope? – Pastor Tom Feola

What ever happened to hope? In this crazy, mixed up world we live in, the absence of hope has devastated lives. BUT through our God we have a confident expectation of good for the future. Pastor Tom shares lessons of hope from the life of King Solomon. Learn what this wise man did… listen now….


Guest Speaker – Pastor Jim Petrow

Special guest speaker, Pastor Jim Petrow, delivers an instructive and stirring message on living victoriously during the storms of life. Though we may be tempted to question why and abandon our faith in God during the hard times, He does not change – His faithfulness is constant and He will bring you through. Don’t miss…