Abiding in the Vine – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom speaks to us from Galatians about yielding to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to develop godly fruit in our life. There is a healthy balance between the desire for spiritual gifts and developing the fruit of the spirit. Hear how to secure both in your life by abiding in Christ.    


The Forgotten One Part II – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom shares on the seven fold ministry of the Holy Spirit in our life from John 14:16 AMP. He is the Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby. Get acquainted with the Holy Spirit in a deeper way.   Watch Pastor’s message from Sunday!  


Guest Speaker – Pastor Ken Adams

Guest speaker Pastor Ken Adams speaks from the Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon.  Ken’s message reminds us God’s mercy was extended to us while we were sinners; His grace has restored us to a place of incredible favor. These truths are exemplified in Paul’s relationship with his friend Philemon. Hear more…   Watch Pastor Ken’s…


Super (Natural) Mom – Pastor Diane Feola

Pastor Diane speaks to us on supernatural motherhood. It takes powers beyond our resources to raise children. Diane shares the deposits to make into our kids that prepare them for life and, most importantly, a relationship with God. Thank you, “Super Moms,” for all you do!