The Battle is the Lord’s – Pastor Tom Feola

Life is full of things that come against us – battles and fights that we think that we fear we have to fight. Fear will always paralyze us from moving in faith. Fear sees things as they are; faith sees things on how they can be.


Going Through The Storm

Too many times we think God is going to take away all our problems, however, as we put our trust in Him, He will get us to the other side.


Certainty In An Uncertain World – Part 3

We live in a world of such calamity and uncertainties but God is in control and when all of this is going on around us, we can stay in His peace. Real peace is not always the calm. Real peace is the presence of God in the storm.


I’m Sorry – Pastor Tom Feola

The lack of an apology is always harmful. Marriages are hurt. Businesses are wrecked. Leadership is weakened. All because someone, or more than one, wouldn’t say these two powerful words: “I’m sorry”.


Seizing Opportunities

You cannot serve God’s purpose without people. People are our opportunity. We must fill our hearts for people even when we don’t want to love them anymore because they are worth it.