Overcomer – Part 4

Many times we don’t feel like overcomers, but remember this – God’s not done with us yet. We were created to overcome.


Overcomer – Part 1

Many times we don’t feel like overcomers, but remember this – God’s not done with us yet. We were created to overcome.


He Isn’t Here – Pastor Tom Feola

The Easter season is an exciting time of year! It’s a great opportunity for us to be reminded of the victory that we have in Christ. Jesus defeated and overcame death, and that same power that rose Jesus from the dead, is the power that is at work within us. The same Jesus we hear…


Knock Fear Out – Pastor Tom Feola

This week, we unwrap another area that can cause a heart attack in our lives. Fear. We’ve all dealt with fear on some level. Fear can grip us and paralyze us. It will hinder us from moving forward into what God has for us. The Bible says that we are not given a spirit of…


Where Is God When Life Falls Apart? – Pastor Tom Feola

How may times have we heard someone say, “A God who allows horrible tragedies to happen to innocent people is not a god I want to worship.  How can a loving God allow innocent people to be hurt so badly?” Shouldn’t everything be nice and easy if a loving God is really in control? The answer is…


Heaven Is Real – Pastor Tom Feola

Father’s Day can be a time of celebration, joy & an opportunity to create memories for many people. However, Father’s Day can also be a difficult day for those who’ve lost fathers, children or maybe don’t have a great relationship with their father. This past year may have knocked you down with an unexpected situation,…


Knocked Down, But Not Out – Pastor Tom Feola

Pastor Tom begins a series on comebacks this week. History is filled with great comeback stories, and so is the Bible. Are you discouraged by a past mistake? Have you messed up in an area that you feel like God can’t restore? Be encouraged today. Your setback is the platform for your comeback. Listen to…


The Cost of Freedom – Pastor Tom Feola

On this Memorial Day we remember the greatest sacrifice of a life – God’s own Son, Jesus. Pastor Tom reminds us of the complete work of the cross and its power to change our life forever. We are victorious, overcomers in life because we are IN HIM.  


We Are Well Able – Pastor Diane Feola

We are positioning ourself for the New Year by choosing to believe God. Like the two spies who looked to God’s promise (Nm.13) rather the the giants and David who conquered the giant (1 Sm.17) by trusting in God, we are well able to overcome every obstacle in our way through Him Who loves us….