Knock Fear Out – Pastor Tom Feola

This week, we unwrap another area that can cause a heart attack in our lives. Fear. We’ve all dealt with fear on some level. Fear can grip us and paralyze us. It will hinder us from moving forward into what God has for us. The Bible says that we are not given a spirit of…


Unforgiveness – Pastor Tom Feola

Unforgiveness. We’ve all experienced it and struggled with it. Unforgiveness is one of the key players in spiritual heart attacks. Those offenses, whether big or small, begin to slowly clog up our hearts. We have a hard time releasing and letting go because we’ve been hurt or maybe didn’t deserve what was done to us….


Soundtrack of the Heart – Pastor Tom Feola

Just like in the natural there are things that can clog up our hearts and cause heart attacks, there are also things in our spiritual lives that can clog up our hearts. Too many times we allow things like greed, unforgiveness, lust, jealousy, anger or other things to enter our hearts and make their home…


Jesus Is Our Chain Breaker – Pastor Tom Feola

The definition of truth is “that which is in accordance with fact or reality”. The Bible tells us in John 8:32 that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. When we grab on to God’s promises, we will begin to see the chains breaking in our lives. It is standing…