God’s Plan – Pastor Tom Feola

We don’t always see the plan of God and so we think that our plan is better. Peter didn’t realize what Jesus had to suffer in order to fulfill His real purpose, so he tried to take things into his own hands. Jesus came to be offered as the perfect Lamb, sacrificed for our sins. Jesus came on…


Guest Speaker – Larry Stockstill

Rev. Larry Stockstill makes a powerful impartation into our church on a mandate for missions. His word image of 37 lines of people circling the globe will leave an indelible impression in your heart for God’s heart. Listen now…


L.A. Dream Center Mission Trip

On August 4-9, 2014 CFFC will be organizing a team from our NEXTGEN Youth Group to visit the Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 1994, The Dream Center is a volunteer driven, Christ-centered organization that ministers to the needs of over 50,000 individuals and families each month. They do this through mobile hunger…


What Is A Witness – Bob Buse

Jesus said, “You shall be witnesses unto me…” A witness is someone who testifies to what they have seen, heard or experienced for themselves. Hear how to make sharing your faith simple by simply telling people what God has done in your life.